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Recent Work

Explore my recent work, a visual portfolio showcasing the dynamic range of my skills as a web designer, graphic designer, logo designer, content creator, T-shirt designer, and more. Each thumbnail is a snapshot of a unique creation, representing my commitment to delivering excellence in diverse design domains.

Don’t see anything that aligns with your project? Ask for more sample work.  I’ve got thousands of projects under my belt.

My  Community Calendars screenshot of homepage to show sample website i have built for potential clients of Adam Overby's digital agency

My Community Calendars

User populated calendar website to allow individuals to promote their local events.

Home page screenshot of The McCall report.  A Local newspaper business in McCall idaho

The McCall Report

Magazine style website for local newspaper business in mcCall Idaho.

Adventure Job for seasonal employers and nomadic travelers screen shot to showcase my webdesign and graphic design capabilities

My Adventure Jobs

Job board for seasonal employers such as ski resorts and national parks for nomadic travelers.

Print On Demand Tshirt and Clothing Apparel Store screenshot to showcase my clothing design skills

My Tshirt Addiction

Tshirt, Hoodie & Apparel E-commerce Website with a blog component and automatic social media management all inclusive dashboard

My Neighborhood Mechanic Logo<br />

My Neighborhood Mechanic

Logo Design For Local Mechanic

Travel brochure a travel blogger wanted created to include in his weekly newsletter to offer adventure tours to his audience

Tour Brochure

Email newsletter for a travel blogger that wanted to start offering tours to their audience.

Screenshot of my RV travel blog to showcase my content creation, graphic design, SEO and web building skills

Travel Blog

RV travel blog with a blog pin map, e-commerce store, blog school and video tutorial features. 

Screenshot of home page for local Chicago based handyman business website i designed for him

My Local HandyMan Guy

Digital business card landing page website for local handyman

Apparel company required a customized graphic for one of their speciality blog categories.

Tshirt Category Thumbnail

Customized Logo for an apparel company blog category

Newsletter graphic a local tour company needed to promote their destination tours

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter Brochure for tour company

Pirate fishing logo design for fishing boat in Bar Harbor Maine

Sail Design

Fishing boat in Bar Harbor Maine needed a customized sail design for their new fishing boat. 

Pinterest pin created to promote my cheap flights blog article on

Pinterest Pin

Featured blog post pin for a cheap flight article.

3D illustration of a cabin in the mountains on a river for a facebook post featuring off grid living

3D Illustration

Facebook digital creation to promote off grid living article

Logo design for French based business

3D Logo Design

Logo creation for French based business

social media thumbnail illustration used to promote a blog post about traveling to Thailand.  Created by adam overby

YouTube Thumbnail

Digitally crafted image designed for a travel vlog YouTube channel to use as a transition place holder. 

Simple logo design for a print shop

Simple Logo Design

Logo for a print on demand e commerce store

Pinterest thumbnail example i created to feature my photography course

Pinterest Pin

Social media pin created to promote a photography course .

Hoodie design for a local outdoor recreation company in Duluth Minnesota

Hoodie Design

Customized hoodie design for a local outdoor recreation business in the Pacific Northwest.

Ski resort in South Lake Tahoe asked for some skier graphics with orange pants to promote an outcomming event they were hosting.

Promotional Graphics

Ski resort in South Lake Tahoe required four skier graphics wearing orange pants for an upcoming even they were hosting. 

Instagram thumbnail for a blog post on tips for traveling to alaska

Instagram Artwork

Featured image created to promote a travel blog article on Instagram

Dune bubby company in OBX North Carolina wanted 4 graphics they could use on social media to promote their business

Social Media Graphics

Dune buggy rental company in OBX, NC wanted some graphics created that they could use to promote their business on social media. 

4 alien fighting graphic designs I created for book illustrations

Book Illustrations

Created for an author that needed some illustrations for their upcoming book. 

simple business logo template

Business Logo Template

Interchangeable business logo template

home page screenshot of a website i built for a blog course company

Web Design

Website built for a blog school

Logo Design

Logo Design

Helicopter skiing company logo design.  

My graphically upbeat resume with orange paint brush strokes, lighting strike background and transparent slider bars

Hoodie Design

PDF graphic for company hoodie design for their Halloween Party. 

nail salon logo

Simple Logo Design

Nail Salon Logo

Instagram thumbnail for a blog post on tips for traveling to alaska

Tshirt Design

Malibu surf shop design for new clothing line.

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